Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Russian doll nails

Hi guys!

I did these yesterday, they took maybe about an hour to do with all the drying inbetween. Quite often I'll put on a DVD whilst I'm doing them, yesterdays film was Beauty and the Beast :)

I'd recently bought a Russian pin doll, as I keep losing my pins and needles in my bed and getting body parts impaled by them. So I was inspired to try and recreate my own Russian doll onto my nails.

Most of the colours are by Barry M, with a few Andrea Fulerton nail art bottles.

Here we go: (The flash has destroyed it a little.)

They half remind me from a distance of those weird alien Haribo that tasted like cherries. Odd, I know but I felt the need to mention it!

Hope you're all well and enjoyed your bank holiday weekend.

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