Monday, 2 May 2011

A return!

I apologise for such the gap inbetween this post, I was admitted to hospital in March and ever since, doing nails had been a bit of a task to do. I'm back in the pattern though now!

So this is what I've been up to...

Trying to perfect roses, it was a first try, something I'm definitely going to be expanding on.

And trying to do henna tattoo style nail art onto nails for a friends birthday! This was my first attempt before I do hers, was very fiddly and took a while but really pleased with the outcome. Had to use several brushes to achieve it though although I think it could be achieved with toothpicks if you wanted to give it a try and don't have the brushes.

Hope you like them, I'll see you all soon :)
Much love! Stay safe x


  1. The first ones are really good and very pretty, the rose is brilliant, cant believe its your first attempt!
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  2. I absolutely LOVE the henna one :)

  3. That Henna style is really impressive - I wish I could do nails like that!